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The Xbox One is finally in South Africa, but with quite a few games to choose from, where do you start? One of the advantages that South Africa has with the console launching so late after the initial US release, is that all the XBO games released in the last year are now ripe for purchase and playing. We have compiled a list of the some of the games that we think you should totally pick up on launch day.

Depending on which Xbox One bundle you opted to go for (with or without Kinect) you will probably get a copy of FIFA 15 and Dance Central Spotlight, or FIFA 15 and Forza 5 thrown in – but have a look at the ones below to supplement your collection.

Dead Rising 3

It can be argued that the Dead Rising franchise has done for zombies in video games what The Walking Dead has done for zombies in television.

Bottom line: it’s gory, it’s gruesome and it’s a lot of fun. You play as Nick Ramos, a mechanic, who is trapped in the fictional city of Los Perdidos just as the military seals it off from the outside after a zombie outbreak.

With no one getting in or out, Nick assembles a rag-tag of survivors and hatches an escape plan. Naturally things don’t go according to plan and the plot spirals out of control rather quickly. Unlike the previous games, here you can craft and combine almost anything on the fly into weapons that inflict serious zombie pain, including vehicles. Yes, Dead Rising 3 lets you combine vehicles into brand-new death-dealing monstrosities that are as much fun to drive as they are to look at.

Aside from the main plot, there are side-missions as well to keep you busy, more than 100 combo weapon blueprints to find and thousands of zombies to kill; there is actually an achievement to slay 100 004 (!) zombies. It follows the themes of survival and zombie-bashing of previous games, but the plot has been upgraded, the graphics are fantastically gory and weapon and vehicle combos offer tons of new-ish fun.

Forza 5

Although Forza 5 is included in the Xbox One Kinect bundle, it is still worth checking out if you bought the Kinect-less version.

The Forza franchise has been going for many years, and while there are other racing titles available on Xbox, this one is by far …read more

Sony and The Last of Us dominates UK August charts

The Last of Us Remastered was the best-selling game of August in the UK.

The latest report from GfK Chart-Track shows Sony’s action horror adventure drove sales for the month, with Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Ultimate Evil Edition coming in second position. The Last of Us took the No.1 spot comfortably, selling 35 times more units than its second place rival.

It was a quiet month overall for the UK boxed games industry overall. There was a slight increase in the number of boxed games sold compared with July (a rise of 4.5 per cent), yet compared with August 2013, there was a drop of 12.8 per cent in terms of games sold.

Sony was the most successful publisher, unseating EA from its regular position at the top. And there was some good news for Microsoft, as more Xbox 360 games were sold last month than on any other platform. However, in terms of revenue generated by games, PS4 was the No.1 machine.

In terms of games sold on individual formats, The Last of Us Remastered was of course No.1, being a PS4 exclusive, while Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition and Minecraft PS3 Edition took up second and third. There was even a Nintendo game in the individual format charts, with Tomodachi Life on 3DS outselling Diablo III on PS4.

Here is the Top 40 Best-selling all-format games of August (July 27th to August 23rd):

1. The Last of Us – Sony
2. Diablo III Reaper of Souls Ultimate Evil Edition – Blizzard
3. Watch Dogs – Ubisoft
4. Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition – Microsoft
5. FIFA 14 – EA
6. Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition – Sony
7. Call of Duty: Ghosts – Activision
8. The LEGO Movie Video Game – Warner Bros
9. Grand Theft Auto V – Rockstar
10. Battlefield 4 – EA
11. Sniper Elite III – 505 Games
12. Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare – EA
13. Titanfall – EA
14. Tomodachi Life – Nintendo
15. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag – Ubisoft
16. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes – Warner Bros
17. Terraria – 505 Games
18. Wolfenstein: The New Order – Bethesda
19. Mario Kart 8 – Nintendo
20. Forza Motorsport 5 – Microsoft
21. Skate 3 – EA
22. EA Sports UFC – EA
23. WWE 2K14 – 2K
24. Need for Speed: Rivals – EA
25. Disney Infinity – Disney
26. Skylanders: Swap Force – Activision
27. Frozen: Olaf’s Quest – GSP Avanquest
28. Ultra Street Fighter IV – Capcom
29. LEGO The Hobbit – Warner Bros
30. GRID Autosport – Codemasters
31. Command and Conquer: Ultimate Collection – …read more

Diablo 3 patch 2.1.0: monster-slaying is always in season

Diablo 3 seasons
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Blizzard’s already teased quite a few details on the upcoming patch 2.1.0 for Diablo III. Just the other day the source of the Treasure Goblins was revealed, and back in June the developer gave a brief overview on the new features coming to Diablo.

But now it’s time to get into the nitty gritty of seasons, where new characters can compete with each other by gathering achievements like they were sweets, all in an attempt to get a coveted spot near the top of the ladder.

New seasonal characters can be played in normal or hardcore modes, and Blizzard says that the first order of business will be to get to level 70 and get some decent gear.

Players can compete with each other by completing conquests, challenging achievements specific to seasons; hoarding achievement points; and reaching the highest tiers of Greater Rifts, which Blizzard’s going to spill the beans on soon.

Progress will be tracked via the leaderboards, and there are several ways to achieve immortality there. If you’re the first person in that season to hit level 70, your name with be etched on the leaderboard for the rest of the season. And you can check how you’re doing against other players doing the same thing, like where you sit on the leaderboard for Greater Rifts, or your achievement point ranking.

And there’s more than glory to be gained – there are rewards too. Ten new legendaries will be introduced in the first season, with more coming with each new season. They’ll only last until the end of that season, too, so there’s no messing around, putting it off like it’s work rather than a reward for slaughtering monsters.

There will be a reward for hitting the maximum level during a season as well. A new transmogrification set will unlock at the Mystic when you hit 70.

While you’ll need to start from scratch with each new season, completed seasonal characters will become regular ones, and keep all the stuff they’d earned.

Are any of you lovely folk going to be delving into season one when it launches?

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Diablo III: Reaper of Souls hits 2.7 million in sales

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Reaper of Souls

Although Reaper of Souls didn’t top the UK retail charts on release, it still didn’t exactly do poorly in the numbers department. Blizzard today announced that it has sold more than 2.7 million copies of the expansion through both digital and retail channels. Even so, it’s fallen far short of the original, which sold 6.3 million copies in its first week, with 3.5 million on the first day alone.

Of course, the original game also suffered from a whole host of crippling issues at launch. At the very least, Reaper of Souls has defeated its predecessor in that regard; there’ve been no server issues to speak of since the expansion launched.

Reaper of Souls adds a new act to play through, more abilities for existing classes, the Crusader class, and the new Adventure game mode. It’s currently available digitally worldwide.

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The new Gauntlet dungeon crawler: shallow for today, terrific for 1985

The new Gauntlet dungeon crawler: shallow for today, terrific for 1985

The new Gauntlet dungeon crawler: shallow for today, terrific for 1985

Above: You have a choice between four characters (with no customization) in Gauntlet.

Image Credit: Heather Newman

The moment a colleague told me he felt the new Gauntlet was “soulless,” I knew we had a failure to communicate.

We were each playing through a preview of Arrowhead Game Studios/Warner Bros.’ new PC release of Gauntlet, due out Sept. 23 for $20. After a few hours of play, I was chugging along on my elf with fond thoughts of the original 1985 arcade game.

Comparably (and not surprisingly), this version is a heck of a lot prettier, more responsive, more nuanced, and more fun. Amazing what 30 years of tech can do, I thought. This version of Gauntlet looks like a cross between the original in high-res and Diablo III.

I was busy enjoying Gauntlet’s graphic upgrades (shadows move fluidly from torches’ flames), throwback gameplay (you can still shoot the food before your injured comrades get to it — classic Gauntlet “co-op”), minigames that earn you achievements (how many zombies can you round up in a big herd and bomb all at once?), and classic unkillable enemies (Death lives).

My colleague was comparing it to current A-list titles, which include modern additions like, you know, story and dialogue and drama, and he found it wanting. Pfft.

Our standards: It’s a long way from 1985 to 2014

Above: Gauntlet’s elf + his bomb + a pile of zombies + a monster generator = Boom!

Image Credit: Heather Newman

Gauntlet as it existed almost 30 years ago would be a good mobile/casual game today: something you could pick up and put down quickly, born from its roots as a quarter-at-a-time arcade game.

Sadly, it’s not enough now to just replicate that experience, even with a modern look, unless you’re aiming for the mobile market. And this game doesn’t. It’s clearly designed for, well, if not its actual PC platform, then the consoles that it’s not available on.

(Hint: If you plan to play it, either invest in a gamepad or plug your Xbox/PlayStation controller into your PC. I played five minutes on a keyboard before switching back with a shudder. WASD keys to move and the mouse to aim, versus one joystick to shoot and the other to strafe … there’s no comparison.)

Updated gameplay is still so familiar

Gauntlet screen shot

Above: Just look at those …read more

XBL Store Today: D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die, Flockers, Diablo III: UEE

Surprise! Swery65, the demented genius behind the equally demented Deadly Premonition has unleashed the first two episodes (and a prologue) of D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die on the Xbox Games Store. The Xbox One murder mystery uses a striking cel-shaded art style and features another dose of the developer’s trademark sense of humor. Also available on the Xbox One Store today is Flockers, a Lemmings-like puzzler from Team17 (the creators of Worms).

Xbox 360 owners can finally download the Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition beginning today. The $39.99 package includes both the original game and the Reaper of Souls expansion pack.

More details on all three games can be found after the break.

Xbox One Games

D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die ($14.99)
A time traveling detective has to solve his wife’s murder before he can prevent it. Use his supernatural ability to “dive” into the world of the living past by touching artifacts called “mementos” to find out the truth behind his wife’s death.

Flockers ($24.99)
New from the creators of Worms, Flockers is a modern day take on the classic A to B puzzle genre with a generous helping of dark humour for good measure. Held in captivity within the evil thrall of their diabolical masters the sheep are finally making a dash for freedom. But without your guidance they are destined to die in the most horrific ways as they follow each other into diabolical traps, giant meat cleavers, spikes and other deadly obstacles.

Xbox 360 Games

Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition ($39.99)
This Ultimate Evil Edition contains both Diablo III and the Reaper of Souls expansion set, together in one definitive volume. Rise as one of humanity’s last defenders – crusader, barbarian, witch doctor, demon hunter, monk, or wizard – and collect legendary loot while mastering devastating new powers and abilities. Play solo or form a party of up to four other heroes, either with local players together on the same screen or online. Lay waste to hordes of evil throughout all five acts of the Diablo III storyline, or explore the open world in Adventure Mode to hunt bounties on the elder evils that lurk throughout the mortal realms.

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Upcoming Diablo III Patch to Receive Major Pet Buffs: States Blizzard Designer

Diablo 3 for PS 3

In response to the outcry of fans in the Diablo III forums regarding their weak pets, a designer by the name of John Yang stated that Blizzard will soon rework the pets in the game, to make them more resistant to enemy attacks and not die too easily. The designer further stated that Blizzard will be revamping the companions to scale their attributes as the players continue to grow stronger.

The upcoming patch of Diablo III will be focused on making the pets stronger and durable in game. John clearly mentioned that pet attributes will completely be dependent on how a player skills-up his character. If your character is tougher, your pet will mirror its attributes, but if you decide to skip on toughness quotient just because you have pets, then your pets will also be weak – like your character.

Therefore, it would be advisable to choose your stats carefully when leveling up your character. Many players try to trade their skill points for other attributes like Armor, Vitality, Dexterity and ignore the Strength quotient altogether. The new patch is going to change the gameplay altogether. Making the pets stronger can change player tactics and take it to a completely different level.

Diablo III is one such RPG, which is played equally in all consoles ranging from the PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360. This will be the most welcome change in Diablo, and this patch is bound to put an end to the relentless outcry of Diablo III players stating that their pets keep dying.

What are your views on this upcoming patch for Diablo III? Let us know in the comments section below.

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TOP 10 AT GAME 1. Destiny + Vanguard 2. Command and Conquer Ultimate Edition 3. The Sims 4 Limited Edition 4. Grand Theft Auto V 5. World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor 6. Diablo III Ultimate Edition 7. Metro Redux 8. The Last of Us Remastered 9. Wolfstein: The New Order 10. Titanfall

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Games That Totally Need A Jet Pack

By Ryan Palmer

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is just around the corner and with it, new features and modes that are sure to up the ante. Whether for the sake of tactics or plain ol’ fun, the inclusion of jet packs will certainly help add to the gameplay.

Our All Star group of wiki editors and blog writers collaborated on this topic and came up with a few ideas on which games would benefit from the addition of a jet pack. Here are their suggestions:

Rule from high in Hyrule

“A game that could surely benefit from the inclusion of jetpacks is the Legend of Zelda. Link has used horses, ships, birds, magic, and good old-fashioned foot power on his quest to defeat evil. Now it’s time to add a little jetpack technology to his combat options.” – militaryveterangamer

Demon crowd control

“Diablo III would be a blast with a jetpack. Bring a “Saints Row” style sense of ridiculousness to the adventure mode with futuristic armor, weapons and a jetpack to get around.” – MADGoATEE

He’s on fire!

“NBA Jam because the game needs bigger dunks” – dquigley


“I say Minecraft because if you’re playing on survival mode and try to work on something huge and fall it is one of the most frustrating things that can happen in that game.” – JSnakeC

Da Vinci code

“I’d love to see some kind of Da-Vinci/Assassins Creed 2-esque prototypes in future Assassins Creed games. It was always an incredible boon for AC2 that it had the capacity to introduce these gizmos from the world’s premier entrepreneur and going forward I’m sure the assassins of the future could make their own makeshift jetpacks.” – LeCambrioleur

What games do you think could get a boost from the inclusion of a jet pack? Comment below if you agree with our All-Stars or have a different game that you would rather see.

Ryan Palmer is IGN’s Community Developer. He enjoys doodling, video games, and anything dinosaurs. You can also follow his randomness on Twitter.

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