Your Chance to Save 50% on Diablo III And Reaper of Souls

If you have been itching to jump in to the world of Diablo III then this is your chance to get your hands on the digital version of the game at a 50% discount for both PC and Mac. The sale which started on Monday September 29th will go on till October 6 and allows you to grab the title for around $20.

That’s not all, the sale is not limited to the main game and will also let interested players purchase the Reaper of Souls expansion at a 50% ($20) discount as well. This is a great opportunity for players who missed on the previous Best Buy sale last month.

Diablo III is an action RPG developed by Blizzard Entertainment known for their work on the famous World of Warcraft game. The title was just recently released for next-gen consoles in the form of Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition along with the Reaper of Souls.

The Reaper of Souls Expansion has received a lot of praise from the fans since its release. Also, BlizzCon event is starting on November 7 and considering the success of Reaper of Souls we might very well hear about new content. What do you think? Share with us in the comments below!


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Diablo III and Reaper of Souls is now 50% cheaper for a limited time!

a lot cheaper than this

Hey you! Do you like killing stuff? Do you like it when said killed stuff drops loot? If you said yes to one or all of these, I’d imagine you are a big fan of Diablo III and its expansion, Reaper of Souls. If you’ve yet to try the action clickathon because you’ve been saving up those pennies, then today is your lucky day. Blizzard have both the core and expansion at 50% cheaper – so basically the increase for PS Plus, but in reverse!

The announcement was made over at the Diablo twitter page (via GameZone):

Sorry console fans, it’s only for PC it seems. Heading to the store reveals that the new prices for both are €19.99. Based on the current exchange rate of R14.27 a Euro (at time of writing), that works out to R285.25 a pop, or R570.50 in total. Decent price, but still expensive due to the exchange rate, right?

I had a look at some other options for comparison:

BT Games (PC)

Diablo III: R365
Reaper of Souls: R249
Total: R614


Diablo III: R390
Reaper of Souls: R440
Total: R830

Kalahari (PC)

Diablo III: R451
Reaper of Souls: R399
Total: R850


Diablo III: R360
Reaper of Souls: R369
Total: R729

The cheapest for both is clearly BT Games, yet they are still a teeny tiny bit more expensive compared to the price on the Blizzard store. The choice really boils down to you – cheaper for a digital version, or a bit more to have physical copies of the titles.

As much of a PC fanboy I am, I do consider new gen console gamers lucky in this regard. They just need to buy the Ultimate Evil Edition which has everything in one neat package. If that gets discounted in future, it will be a definite bargain.

If you’re looking to buy the game for PC, I would highly recommend getting the expansion as it improves the game experience infinitely. Be sure to act soon though. There is no indication as to how long the special lasts!

I reviewed Reaper of Souls a few months ago, and I loved it. Alternately, if you are a new console owner, you can read Darryn’s review of the Ultimate Evil Edition – he loved it too.

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Diablo 3 and Reaper of Souls hit with 50% discount


News about 23 hours Ago

Posted by: Tatiana Morris

It’s not secret that we loved Diablo 3 here in our office.

Honestly, our PC review scored it at 9/10 and the PS4 port got a 10/10 (different reviewers). Lance Liebl, one of the reviewers, even said:

“If you own a next-gen console, you’d be doing yourself a huge disservice if you don’t purchase Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition — unless you just hate the Diablo franchise. In that case, I can’t help you.”

The same goes for the PC edition, ok? If you don’t want to pay full price and have been using that as an excuse not to purchase it…Well, Blizzard is twisting your arm. It’s 50% off, right now in Blizzard’s store. That discount is even for the expansion Reaper of Souls!

The question is, why haven’t you clicked the link to the store in that Tweet yet?



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Diablo III: Legendary Gem Popularity Charted

by on 30th Sep, 2014

Diablo III is a massive game. The anticipation gamers had leading up to its release was on par with games like Halo 3 and other major titles of the more recent past. As the game grows older, more data is collected and published for players to see. This time, information comes in the form of legendary gems and how popular each one is. Have you ever wondered if other players are using the same gems as you? While it can be hard to figure out if you are following the strongest build possible for your in game character without trudging through countless walkthroughs or guides, this most recent data offers a very brief but informing look at the legendary gems in Diablo III and their usage.

Here is the data, as represented on the Diablo Somepage.

  • ‘Bane of the powerful’ takes the top spot for the most popular Legendary gem among for all the classes combined. It provides a solid damage boost, especially in elite-heavy sections of the game like Nephalem Rifts and Greater Rifts.
  • ‘Bane of the Trapped’ is second in popularity among the top 25% of softcore players, although it is a little less popular among other groups. The high usage among Demon Hunters helps boost its popularity. With the current bug for the gem preventing it from activating off of item procs, it has almost no usage among Monks.
  • ‘Enforcer’ is naturally chosen by pet classes; the common pet specs of Witch Doctors and Demon Hunters make the gem extremely popular among those two classes, and little used elsewhere.
  • Wizards march to their own tune when choosing Legendary gems. They alone heavily use ‘Zei’s Stone of Vengeance’ and share with Witch Doctors a passion for the poisonous ‘Gem of Efficacious Toxin.’
  • The melee classes of Barbarians, Crusaders, and especially Monks commonly pick “Mirinae, Teardrop of the Starweaver, and Gogok of Swiftness” as part of their legendary gem set.
  • Those melee classes often use ‘ Wreath of Lightning,’ especially among hardcore players. It is the only Legendary gem with a much higher popularity in hardcore than in softcore.

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Top 5 Player Suggestions to Improve Diablo III

Diablo III is a big game. So big, in fact, that many said Blizzard Entertainment would be killing World of Warcraft by releasing it back in 2012. While that obviously proved to be untrue, it no less proves the game’s immensity. There is also the fact that Diablo III has been released on both seventh and eighth-generation consoles, so it is apparent the title is not losing much steam.

However, to change is to improve – most of the time, anyway. We have compiled five player suggestions that exemplify great ways in which Blizzard could change Diablo III for the better. These changes are small, but the feedback for each one has been pretty positive.

1. Increase the number of shards received upon completion of a bounty.

Suggested by player h1ppocrat3s, this change might seem a bit redundant. The change seems to lessen time spent completing menial tasks and offers more player reward, which makes it pretty tasty-looking in our eyes.

2. Change the cost of Infernal Machines from four to one.

Suggested by player Myrag, this looks like more of a fix to us than a modification. Simply put, Blizzard could change the cost of entry to realms to 4 machines, so players who choose to go it alone are not punished.

3. Add elemental damage to useless legendaries.

Player Karjalan makes a strong argument here. Too often in MMO-style games, the old high-power weapons become obsolete when new ones release. Adding elemental damage would keep these older legendaries relevant longer.

4. Give players the ability to save a new outfit an a Myrian tab.

While simple, player ploeight’s suggestion to offer players a way to save outfits is pretty great.

5. Add seasonal leaf text to player names in chat if they are currently playing a seasonal character.

Player _ro_’s suggestion offers a meaningful player aesthetic in a very cool, unique way.

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i7-4790K at 40° when idle, but goes up to 105° in games?

I recently upgraded my PC, and one of the upgrades was the Intel i7-4790K. I went with the stock cooler because I didn’t plan on any overclocking at the start, and was pretty sure that it will do the job.

However, what I noticed, is that when I play even the very low performance demanding videogames (such as Dragon Age: Origins or Diablo III), they start lagging after long periods of play. This was suspicious, so I tried looking for the issue, and found that the CPU temperatures get up to 100-105

Will that game play on your PC? Can You Run It tells you

Ian Paul | Sept. 29, 2014

Powered by System Requirements Lab, Can You Run It scans your PC and lets you know whether your machine is up to snuff for next week’s Battlefield 4 LAN party.

There are few problems when trying to run Windows 7 apps in Windows 8.1, but at one time Diablo III didn’t technically support Microsoft’s latest OS. If you run into a similar issue, it pays to check on gaming forums, Google, or the game’s official support pages whether your game of choice plays nicely with Windows 8.1. (For the record, Blizzard has updated its support page to say Diablo III will run on Windows 8.)

Even though Can You Run It can sometimes get it wrong with operating system details, don’t kid yourself. If the site says you can’t run a game like Dead Rising 3 because your processor, RAM, or graphics card doesn’t make the grade, heed the site’s advice and don’t waste your money.


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‘Destiny’s’ Loot Cave Is A Feature, Not A Bug

loot cave

You can’t keep a good grind down.

As Dave Thier noted yesterday, no sooner than the first of Destiny’s so-called “loot caves” was shut down by a patch-happy Bungie, another loot cave was discovered. Thier likens this to playing Whac-A-Mole—a fitting concept for a video game. When one cave is brought down, another pops up. And likely when Loot Cave 2.0 is shut down by the developer, a Loot Cave 3.0 will appear.

Both Paul Tassi and Dave Thier have pointed out that the popularity of these loot caves is a symptom of the game’s dreary progression after level 20. But is that really the case? Is Destiny so poorly designed between these levels, with good loot so scarce, that players are simply given little choice but to grind loot caves?

To some degree, I think this is true. But I’d also argue that even if good drops were far more common in Destiny, a loot cave would still draw tons of players. In any game built around a grind—think Diablo III, Borderlands 2, and even Dark Souls, not to mention every MMO ever—people will find exploits if they can. They’ll find ways to level up faster or get the best gear.

In Dark Souls, for instance, you can “farm” souls—the game’s joint currency/experience—in a specific area by either fighting a series of difficult NPCs or, if you like, tricking them into leaping off the edge of a chasm thereby skipping the fight altogether. Then you run back to the bonfire and do it all over again. You can sit around at lower levels doing this for a long time and racking up tons of souls. I’ve done it. I’m pretty sure most Dark Souls players have, at one time or another, taken advantage of this.

Is it because Dark Souls is poorly designed? Is it because the game makes acquiring souls too difficult? Not at all. And I’m pretty sure that even if Destiny was perfectly designed with all the right feedback loops in place—and many are quite admirably tuned already—the loot caves would still pop up and people would still take advantage of them.

dark souls forest

And quite frankly, that’s not a bad thing. Bungie shouldn’t even bother patching them out of existence. If some players prefer to level up by farming a cave for gear, more power to them. I played around in the loot cave for a while …read more

Destiny reminds me of Diablo III, and that isn’t a good thing

Me and a friend have just completed a strike mission in Destiny. Another blue engram for a heavy weapon I don’t need is my reward. It doesn’t matter anyways: once back in the Tower the Cryptarch decodes it and I’m given a green rocket launcher for my trouble. I’m slowly but surely grinding my way towards more Vanguard gear, but I’ve already hit the 100 mark cap for the week. I’m basically trapped, for four days, unable to make any real progress for my character, outside of getting extremely lucky. All I need is a legendary helmet to have a full set of purple armor. That’s all I want.

“Screw it,” I say. “Let’s go to the cave.”

So we go. For the next 40 minutes my friend and I, accompanied by a random assortment of lvl 20 something Guardians, line up in front of a dark cave in Old Russia and mow down wave after wave of Hive as they attempt to escape. Within seconds, more enemies appear. They die too. Engrams of every color began to spring up from their corpses. We repeat this process over and over again. Shoot, shoot, shoot. Out of ammo. Collect. Line up. Shoot, shoot, shoot. Out of ammo. Collect. Line up.

More than half an hour later and I have an inventory full of green items, a few blue engrams, and one coveted, legendary purple engram. “Let’s go back to town,” I say. “Let’s see what blue I get.”

Turns out the Cryptarch has a surprise in store for me. My legendary engram actually is a legendary, a pair of +18 light boots for the Titan class. Too bad I’m a Warlock. I throw the boots in my vault and call it quits for the night. Four hours later, and I’ve achieved nothing.


Destiny is flawed. I covered plenty of the game’s problems in my review (which you can read here) but having poured even more time into the game (50 plus hours to be exact) it’s becoming increasingly clear that Destiny is not only flawed but, as it is right now, Destiny is actually broken. It reminds me of another, similar game you may have heard of: Diablo III. If you know anything about the release Diablo III in 2012, you know that isn’t a compliment.

But before we get to that, what exactly the problem with Destiny in its current form? It …read more