Product Review: Appleā€™s Rumored 12-Inch MacBook Air Leaked Online, but MacBook Pro with Retina Display Remains a Solid Choice

Iconic computer and electronics company Apple is set to release the latest version of its MacBook Air in the spring of this year, creating buzz in the tech world.

According to Chris Smith of BGR, leaked pictures indicated that the newest version of the MacBook Air will be a 12-inch model that could be thinner than any previous MacBook Air. In addition, the latest model would adopt Intel’s Core M processor, which does not need to be cooled by fans.

“The 12-inch model is smaller than the 13-inch MacBook Air, and appears to be very thin, a feature that’s specifically highlighted in a picture showing its profile next to the slim iPad Air,” Smith wrote.

Mikey Campbell of AppleInsider reported that Apple is trying to make a 12-inch “ultraportable” laptop, which could be the thinnest model ever made by the Cupertino-based company. He noted that this model also missed something that all Apple laptops had until now.

“The top cover is conspicuously missing a translucent glowing Apple logo, long a staple of Apple’s laptop lineup that distinguishes Macs from look-alike PC brands,” Campbell wrote. “The report claims Apple swapped out the plastic part due to an overly thin surrounding metal chassis, but the statement is somewhat suspicious considering the smaller 11-inch Air makes no such concessions.”

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Campbell added that industry rumors have swirled around Apple’s supposed plan to get rid of all external ports except “for a single USB 3.1 Type-C connection” as a way to cut down on internal components, making the overall laptop lighter.

“According to the most recent rumors, Apple could launch its 12-inch thin-and-light by the end of the first quarter, though an exact timeline remains elusive due to a distinct lack of leaks from the supply chain,” Campbell wrote.

As for the latest laptop Apple has on the open market, the MacBook Pro 13-inch with Retina Display remains a solid choice. According to Joel Santo Domingo of PC Magazine, it has a 2,560-by-1,600-resolution screen, speedy Intel processor, and an “all-aluminum exterior and glossy glass covering the 13.3-inch In-Plane Switching (IPS) screen.”

“It lasted more than 13 hours on our battery rundown test while topping our performance benchmark tests,” Domingo wrote.

Domingo added that it had excellent connectivity, “particularly with its pair of 20 Gbps Thunderbolt 2 ports.” The MacBook Pro also measured 0.71 by 12.35 by 8.62 inches and weighed 3.38 pounds.

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‘Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls’ patch 2.1.2 details

[Photo credit: Blizzard Entertainment]

Blizzard Entertainment has released a patch for the action role-playing video game “Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls” for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The patch was rolled out this month, although it is only available in the Americas at the moment (in Europe, it’s already available for PC).

“Diablo III patch 2.1.2 is now live in the Americas for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One! Check out the full PC patch notes below to learn all about the latest changes,” game developer Blizzard announced in the game’s official site.

The game developer is also reminding those in Asia that they will have to wait for the patch to be available in their region before they can install it, saying, “Please note that you will not be prompted to download patch 2.1.2 until the patch is live in your home region.”

Additionally, those in the U.S. won’t be able to log into those areas via Global Play until those regions have also received the patch.

The new patch brings a lot of bug fixes to the game, such as the issues with the Invigorating Gemstone and Bane of the Trapped. It also offers tons of improvements, like an increased base life upon reaching level 70, increase in Life on Hit and Life Regeneration to 25 percent, and reduced rarity of Legendary Items. Additionally, Ancient Items (more powerful version of Legendary Items) are now present in the game, and there’s a new Legendary Potion called Bottomless Potion of Fear, among many others.

Blizzard has also incorporated more social interaction features so gamers can better connect with other players for more immersive gameplay. There’s a more detailed Friends List and Clan and Community Rosters, for example. In addition, the patch also brings more rewards.

Players who want to view more information regarding the patch details can visit the blog.

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Diablo III: New Item Sets Confirmed With Patch 2.2.0

Patch 2.20 will bring new item sets to Diablo III, as well as updating existing sets, Blizzard has confirmed.

Players can get ready for work in order to achieve Delsere’s Magnum Opus, Wrath of the Wastes and Unhallowed Essence item sets. The developer also briefly mentioned that the new patch will update four of the existing sets, but did not reveal as to exactly which item sets will be receiving what kind of improvements.

Patch 2.2.0 is still without a release date. Blizzard has confirmed that all the changes and addition to item sets will be done with the same patch. Hence, players only have to worry about the impending release of the next patch. Seeing that Season 2 begins in a few weeks, it now seems unlikely that Blizzard will be pushing the update prior to the new season.

A final thing to note is that the developer has mentioned that the current plans could change “depending on a variety of factors.” Such statements are mostly normal to see with upcoming updates, in case of unforeseen events.

via Diablo IncGamers

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Despite its rocky launch a few years ago, Diablo III has grown into a stellar title with a lot of promise and it took, once again, the reigns when it comes to being the best action packed RPG you can play. Diablo III: Reaper of Souls took the game one step forward with a wide range of interesting and appealing changes such as a new class and a new act.

But Blizzard seems to be committed when it comes to creating the best action RPG experience and it has released a new patch specifically for the Diablo III: Reaper of Souls and the Diablo III: Ultimate Evil edition versions.

This new update, named 2.1.2, is set to provide numerous fixes and additions to your Diablo III: Reaper of Souls experience, but another main reason for creating it was that the first Season is close to an end, as the experience will finish on February 3. There’s no word in regards to when the Season 2 will start, but we do know that the upcoming season is due soon.

Included in the patch 2.1.2 you can find a wide range of class, general as well as item specific changes. Some general class improvements include better prioritization of abilities that are using damage shields. Other changes have been made to the way pets behave, and each specific class has received some nerfs as well as numerous interesting skill modifications.

When it comes to achievements, this 2.1.2 patch has added the new Season 2 conquests, preparing the Diablo III: Reaper of Souls experience for its next season, which is neat. It’s important to know that the “Lord of Bells” isn’t required to complete the “You’re not the boss of Me” challenge. This is important news for the achievement hunters.

We find it important to note that even the monsters and their abilities have been tackled with in this patch, specifically the anarch, corrupted angel, inferno zombie, treasure goblins and punishers, among others.

On top of that, other notable changes include the nephalem and greater rift modifications that now bring you the unique ability of reviving at corpse with a spawn timer instead of reviving you instantly at the checkpoint. This is an amazing change …read more

Games Inbox: Best video game movie, Resident Evil remake, and Final Fantasy Type-0

Default author image
Wednesday 21 Jan 2015 5:00 pm

Mortal Kombat – is this really the best Hollywood can do?

The evening Inbox considers level-grinding for money, as a reader admits to playing Grand Turismo on autopilot.

To join in with the discussions yourself email

Low bar
GameCentral stated that Mortal Kombat is still the best video game film adoption, in response to James’ letter. I must say there is a shameful lack of options. Although I haven’t watched any of the Japanese anime series of video games, of which there are loads.

Anyway, I respectfully disagree that Mortal Kombat is the best video game film. I reckon it’s the anime of Professor Layton, which I have on Blu-ray. It is true to the series’ feel, keeping the same voiceovers, with an interesting plot and beautiful animation.

GC: To be fair there are probably a number of animated movies that could take the crown, most obviously Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie. In terms of Hollywood-made live action though, we still think Mortal Kombat is as good as it gets.

Speed is everything
I didn’t build a robot like the guy grinding in Destiny, but me and my son used to grind on Gran Turismo 5 by starting a 50 lap race, selecting the Red Bull on an oval track, then placing an elastic band over the right trigger/accelerator, then watch TV.

The car was so fast it didn’t matter it was driving against the wall the whole time. I think this practice contributed to the early death of my first second-hand fat PlayStation 3, as we would forget it was still switched on.
Johnny Alpha SD (gamertag)
Currently playing: Mario Kart 8, Toy Box Turbos, and Lego Batman 3

Publisher friendly
A quick response to Neil R. in Tuesday evening’s Inbox. Are the games subscriptions devaluing gaming? A very thoughtful point, one I haven’t really considered before.

I had a quick mental scan back through my collection, to approximately when I signed up for PS Plus. I can’t remember exactly when I joined, but I think it was autumn 2011. Since September 2011 I have paid for 10 full games, two of which were older releases so not full price. That doesn’t seem very many. I play most days, but I don’t have the widest tastes, I stick to what I know. In 2014, I played Battlefield 4, GTA V, Diablo III, …read more

“Blizzard is asking Diablo III gamers affected by the recent lag to provide trace route information.”

Meldung von These guys got the message. Two subway riders donned red and green full-body suits in a video where they act out the MTA’s new courtesy ads targeting nasty underground behaviors like manspreading and primping. weiterlesen …

Dazu schreibt There’s a nasty flaw in Oracle’s eBusiness Suite that would have allowed anyone on the corporate network to access databases. The flaw was so obvious a researcher who originally found the flaw thought one of Oracle’s customers had been badly hacked. weiterlesen …

Meldung von The 57-year-old made no attempt to hide the blemish. weiterlesen … meldet: The gossip blogger has sent Twitter into a meltdown after his antics in the house weiterlesen …

Dazu berichtet weiter: China has been one of the world’s fast-growing sources of new billionaires in the past decade. The fortunes of many of them took a hit today following the worst drop in the country’s shares in six years. Shanghai’s main stock index fell by 7.7% after the government was said to have weiterlesen …

Nachricht von A long-simmering custody battle between an ex-Lehman Brothers exec and his estranged wife took another nasty turn when she called the cops on him, saying he had physically abused their weiterlesen …

Weitere Nachricht von With just five provinces on board, any governing body runs the risk of overstepping its authority or jurisdiction weiterlesen … schreibt weiter: Old books are like childhood friends – familiar, comfortable to be with, affectionate and best of all, they hold no nasty surprises. And they will always be there for you, say some book-mad friends of Pankaja Srinivasan weiterlesen …

Aktien im Fokus – Dienstag, der 20.01.2015weiterlesen …

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Diablo III Lag is Being Fixed, Blizzard Needs More Info from You

Did the massive Diablo III lag issues disturb your game as well? If that is the case, Blizzard hears you and they are even asking for some assistance from you on the matter.

On the community forums of, a message has been posted on behalf of the developers. It looks like Blizzard’s engineers are hard at work fixing the Diablo III lag issues but they require some help from you to tackle the problem.

Here’s what Omrakos of Blizzard had to say:

We’ve been asked to collect some information for our network engineers on this issue. We’d like to have your trace route info when you trace to We’d also like to see the results when you run our Looking Glass utility to see the return path of the trace from Blizzard to you. Be sure to select Diablo III in the utility. And lastly, please identify your ISP and geographical location in your reply post with the above info.

Reports of massive lags started appearing on the US and European versions of the official forums recently. People were claiming that their game was affected even when they were playing solo – it still needs an internet connection.

As much as a 2000ms lag was reported which would of course mean that the game had been turned into nothing but crap for the players on the receiving end.

People who have been experiencing lag should head to the post linked above and share their results like everyone else is doing.

What is the situation at your end? Have you experienced the lag anywhere other than the US and European regions or is it just these? Share your experience below so that we can stay updated.

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Diablo 3′s got a new Lord of Terror: really bad lag

Diablo III lag
By , 46 mins ago, 0 Comments

It’s hard to kill demons and gather up mountains of loot and gold when you’re faced with lots of horrible lag. Since the weekend, Diablo III players have been reporting “major lag” that renders the game unplayable, even in the single-player mode. And it looks like it’s not been restricted to just one region.

Blizzard is looking into it, and hasn’t ruled out some shady plan being carried out by minions of the Lord of Terror.

Blizzard’s technical support is collecting information to pass on to network engineers, and there’s a stickied thread where you can post your trace route information if you’ve been a victim of this lag plague.

Here’s what Blizzard wants:

  • Trace route info when you trace to
  • Results of Looking Glass utility (select Diablo III in the program)
  • ISP and location

With that, you should reply to the stickied post.

Have any of you lovely adventurers been hit with some nasty lag over the last few days?

Cheers, PC Gamer.

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